Oranges, cars, libraries, leaves--the remnants of an everyday to-do list, and a series that comes together succinctly in Southern California. They ring of long drives through windy hills in early Spring, the juice of sweet mandarin oranges leaving hands sticky. Winding off the I-5, the connecting arteries of the state’s heart and lungs, Sunset swings you around to the places where your tasks can be completed at sites of historic origin.

Here, bodies—both ant and human—sit on dewy grass, more brown than green, and lounge and cross between buildings. Some buildings are filled with books, others with people, but each structure holds a gathering. Leaves are aplenty, as the perpetual drought means that even as things grow they dry and fall. Bits and pieces recall past days that offered time together in sunny Los Angeles, home of Punto Lairs inc. Oranges, cars, libraries, leaves--a collection of collections and also an offering to convene. You and I, this and that, we and us.

-Lilia Rocio Taboada

Writing from 53rd and then Grand

Collaborative work

Orange Car


Neighbor’s Grapefruits

Clay Ground

Maya Buffett-Davis

Nico Young