We've got to get back to the garden.

The sun has been red in Los Angeles for weeks now. I keep thinking "why can't they just scoop up some water from the ocean and put it on top of the fires?" I proposed this at a recent (outdoor) dinner party only to be met with scoff and semantics about Salt and other logistical concerns. It just seems like we need to start thinking of these kinds of imaginative alternatives but I guess we are getting these fires because we've taken too much from the ocean already. My friend (an east coaster) recently freaked while in LA thinking: what if we become surrounded by fires and the only way to escape is by boat? I worry about this briefly but then again, I've never been to Catalina.

For the next few weeks at Punto Lairs inc we are getting back to the garden, kneeling in the dirt reading poems, painting the fence, talking to the bugs,  and generally expressing our love for the great outdoors. Ida Badal shows a series of new paintings and Maya Rose shares a collection of poems that integrate themselves into the fabric of the backyard.

-Gracie Hadland

Ida Badal

maya rose