For our second show at Punto Lairs inc, we’re digging deep. We’re learning more about ourselves and our surroundings, this is scary but it feels good. Here’s what we’ve found:

1. Cameron Cameron sent a video showing us the inventory of her treasure box filled with entomological relics: some real, some not. An archeologist's daughter is very meticulous but is in it for the collecting, the criteria are loose for what ends up in the box. Rather than uncovering anything in particular, she accumulates delicate little lives in their antique state.

2. Symrin Chawla evokes a not-so-distant past. Something or someone came through the Lair and has left its mark. A gust of wind as strong as time has shifted everything and the dust is still settling. Absence lingers and we have to make sense of what falls through the sieve.

-Gracie Hadland

Cameron Cameron

Evil (2020)
clay, steel, copper, glass, resin

Sending Sunsets (2020)
rubber, plastic, steel

Missing You (2020)
foam, resin, image transfers, acrylic

Symrin Chawla