Our wild animal goes to the store and carries his food back to his lair, the wild animal’s resting place. “The badgers carried the food back to their lair.” Going from a point to point. Fostering something that is to be determined.

Puntos Layers. The space has multiple layers I thought that made sense. It's outside and (there are many layers). Many Layers. The roster of programming has been planned for the next year: July to July and the subsequent 39 years. I've sat in the backyard with Gabe and he made me trout salad. Isn't that all you need really?

Strays in hot climate get their little smooth pads burned from the hot cement. Punto Lairs inc is your resting place. We are sharing new work by artists and non-artists. Do you feel like a wild animal?

-Gracie Hadland

Becky Kolsrud

Compression and Fragmentation (Foot), 2020
ceramic and plastic dimensions variable

Erica Vincenzi